Cordless Battery Lawnmowers

Our extensive range of cordless lawn mowers provide you with the convenience of a cordless machine and the power of petrol. Our range of cordless lawn mowers have been specifically chosen to include some of the best cordless lawn mowers on the market within the lithium ion battery powered category.

Battery powered lawnmowers offer a number conveniences, one of the key ones being quieter operation. As cordless lawn mowers aren’t driven by a typical petrol engine the noise is significantly reduced. This means that you can mow the lawn on your own time without annoying the neighbours. Another convenience is the fact that you eliminate the need to buy and store fuel. This is a great benefit, particularly if you have children and want to keep any potentially dangerous fumes out of their reach. All of the cordless lawn mowers within or range are available to buy online or click and collect at The Cyril Johnston Showroom.