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The Mountfield S46 PD Li is powered by a massive 80V (4.0ah) Lithium-Ion battery, providing enough power to cut a medium to large sized lawn with no need to recharge or change battery.



This high end, high performance cordless lawn mower is quiet, economical and user friendly. One feature that stands out over other cordless lawn mowers in the Self Propelled ability of this lawn mower, meaning that the S46 PD Li is more than capability to handle even the roughest off lawns. It is a genuine petrol equivalent getting its power from a 80V 4.0aH lithium Ion battery. Being a cordless lawn mower there's no mains electric cable to drag behind you or get snagged in plants and garden furniture, or worse still get cut by the blade. You just clip in the battery and you are good to go. Ideal for medium to large gardens this mower comes with 2 cutting modes. Collection or mulching. With collection you get a massive 60 litre fabric grass bag with a hard top, meaning you spend less time emptying the grass bag and more time cutting. Mulching is a feature designed to help maintain your healthy lawn by re-circulating the grass clippings into a fine mulch and back into your grass to decompose quickly, without having to empty your grass bag you reduce cutting time by up to 30%, saving you time and effort while being brilliant for your lawn.

  • A genuine petrol-equivalent cordless lawnmower employing cutting-edge Li-Ion battery technology
  • Built around the same steel deck found on Mountfield�s petrol-powered mowers
  • Power-drive for the low-effort coverage of slopes and rough ground
  • Two mowing-modes � bag or mulch your cut-grass
  • Large-capacity hard-top collector with handy �bag full� indicator
  • Smooth-rolling and long-lasting ball-bearing wheels
  • Five-stage height-of-cut range means you can adapt to the conditions
  • Durable brushless motor
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