Maruyamma Backpack Petrol Leaf Blower



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Part Number: 1G-395743

The BL8500SP Backpack Leaf Blower features a powerful and reliable Kawasaki TK65 engine and has extraordinary power to weight ratio. The Fiberglass enhanced polypropylene fan housing adds strength not weight and it comes with a heavy duty, high flow air filter and ergonomic pistol grip controls. This leaf blower is quieter, more comfortable and more fuel efficient.


- Powerful 64.7 cc commercial quality engine.

- Nikasil Coated Cylinder and twin ring piston for long engine life.

- Light weight.

- Huge air flow 23 m3 /minute.

- Massive air velocity of 326 km/h

- Large fuel capacity for extended operating periods.



This back pack leaf blower offers more power, more efficiency and less noise all without adding additional weight to make it uncomfortable to wear. With Maruyama's 100 years of research in product development and their position as a global leader in manufacture and design of pumps, their technology has made this back pack incredibly powerful in respect to its weight.
With a cleverly designed nozzle, the blower produces up to 20% higher yield than other similar products in the market. This high yield on this backpack leaf blower is aided by the Kawasaki Tk65 engine which produces high power yet remains quiet and economical, allowing you to work conveniently even in built up areas without causing disruption.
Coming complete with 2 years conditional warranty, you can buy in peace knowing that Maruyama products are built to the highest standards and use only quality components.
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Satisfaction Guarantee

Complete with conditional 5-year consumer warranty against material, manufacturing, design and component defect.

Power Source Petrol
Power Details 64.7cc Kawasaki TK65
Air Speed 326 kph
Air Volume 23 m3/min
Vacuum Function Blower
Starting Method Pull Start