Heta Scan-Line 7C Wood Burning & Multi-Fuel Stove

Heta Scan-Line 7C Wood Burning Stove


Heta Scan-Line 7C Wood Burning & Multi-Fuel Stove

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Part Number: HE-SCANLINE-7C

With a compact and modern design the Scan-Line 7C is a truly stunning multi-fuel stove designed for both contemporary and both classic styled homes. Engineered in Denmark with only the highest quality materials, the Scan-line 7C is a wall-hanging stove which guarantees to add sophistication and style to any room.

All of our Heta Stoves are fully customisable and come made to order to best suit your Home. Prices may vary depending on individual requirements. If you'd like to find out more, feel free to get in touch on +44(0)28 9081 3121 or sales@cyriljohnston.com. If you'd like to take a closer look at the wood burning and multi-fuel stoves that we have on offer, you can also pop into the Cyril Johnston Showroom, Carryduff, Belfast, Northern Ireland.



The Scan-Line 7C multi-fuel stove from Heta is a first class choice for those who desire a stunning looking stove, perfectly suiting both contemporary and classic styled homes. With a generous yet not overpowering heat output the Scan-Line 7C is a fantastic choice for living rooms, kitchens, halls and even bedrooms and guarentee’s to add an attention grabbing, finishing piece to any room you see fit. Featuring all the same excellent outputs and efficiencies as its sibling, the Scan-Line 7D, The 7C is a wall-hanging multi-fuel stove which helps to reduce the surface footprint requirement of your room, allowing it to look wonderful in both large and smaller rooms.


The Scan-Line 7C comes as standard with a oversized cast-iron door, creating a wonderful looking stove which helps to efficiently create maximum heat output. Paired with a large glass panel for seeing into the chamber from any frontal angle, you'll find yourself gazing into this beautiful stove on cold evenings to create a cosy, warming atmosphere. The Scan-Line 7C multi-fuel stove takes a variety of woods, pellets and coals with the ash collected in its inbuilt 3-litre patented ash pan, making cleaning your stove as easy as preparing it. 


As seen on many of Heta's quality stove range, the Scan-Line 7C features the 'Perfect Glass Cleaning System'. This uses innovative technology within the stove to actively clean the inner glass panneling, ensuring the visibility into your stove is always clear and as wonderful to look at as the day it was installed.


Thanks to only using the highest quality materials and Heta's advanced engineering solutions, The Scan-Line 7C boasts an impressive 83.1% efficiency rating with a variable energy output of 2-6Kw. This means you can get fantastic warmth from your stove whilst using every ounce of fuel efficiently, saving you both money and effort. 


The Scan-line 7C can be customised to match your room or liking by changing the top panel with a variety of materials. Options include :

  • Soapstone Top
  • Sandstone Top Tobacco
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